Bio-Pure Flowpath Commercial Treatment Plant

The Bio-Pure Flowpath for Commercial, Industrial or larger off mains applications

We Build It Ltd have developed its range of package Sewage Treatment Plants utilising proven SAF (submerged aerated filter) technology for maximum performance and reliability, using the most reliable energy efficient aeration blowers with a prolonged integral flow path system to maximise effluent retention time and quality.

Our standard plant range offers treatment to a 30mg/l BOD: 20mg/l SS effluent quality standard with options for 30mg/l NH3 effluent quality.

All our treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Water Code of Practice for flows and loads, the Bio-Pure FlowPath range can be designed to meet your population requirements.

The plants can be single or modular tanks depending on population and consent requirements.

Features And Benefits

  • A List of typical application of 10mg/l BOD;10mg/l S.S; 5mg/l NH3 can be achieved
  • Friendly telephone support
  • Effluent standard: 20mg/l BOD; 30mg/l SS; 20mg/l NH3
  • Below Ground Installation (Can be adapted for above ground applications)
  • Higher rate nitrification also available
  • Easy to install, suitable for installation with either granular or concrete backfill
  • Energy efficient air blower for lower running costs
  • SAF technology with reliable performance
  • High efficiency, tailored solutions
  • Typical De-Sludge period is approximately 12 months depending on demand
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty on all air compressors
  • Option for pumped units (inlet and outlet effluent)
  • 25 year warranty on all GRP components
  • No moving parts
  • Servicing contracts by our team of trained technicians
  • Quiet and odourless operation
  • Deeper installations can be accommodated
  • Any Invert levels can be accommodated

The Bio-Pure Flow Path commercial sewage treatment plant contains, a two stage primary settlement zone designed to settle coarse and non-biological loadings. Sludge will build up in these zones and require moving periodically. 

The Settled effluent will then discharge forward into the bio-zones. Each segment field contains a high percentage of filter media, where biological treatment performs, due to a high oxygen input. Once treatment has taken place the multiple bio-zones, the effluent is discharged into the final humus tank, where it settles before flowing via the outlet.

Occasionally an amount of settled humus sludge is returned to the first primary zone.