Drainage & Surveying

Drainage Installations

Correct drain installation ensures all waste from your property is removed effectively, safely, and hygienically. For this reason, you should always employ a professional to conduct the work conclusively according to current regulations and laws. If you are undertaking new drainage work or renewing old pipework, Sussex Water & Drainage can help. We are experienced in installing all drainage systems to the highest standards. Working with you and your requirements, our highly skilled team is on hand to swiftly solve any drainage problems you may have.

At Sussex Water & Drainage, we work to install your new drains as quickly and efficiently as possible, giving extra care to minimizing any disruption to your garden. Our experts install all types of domestic drains, including sewer connections and land drainage. We have a wealth of experience in drainage installation and are happy to talk about any drainage projects you have. Once we have successfully installed your new drain, we pressure-test the pipework to ensure every joint on every pipe is perfect and will last for years to come.

We ensure every job is finished to the highest standard and that you are left happy with the service provided.

Drainage Repairs

If you have broken, blocked, or collapsed drains, Sussex Water & Drainage specialists can help. If you require a drain maintenance team, you can trust Sussex Water & Drainage have the solution to solve any problem quickly. We are professional drainage engineers who are on hand to help both residential and commercial customers with collapsed or damaged drains.

We can you help with:

  • Drain Repairs
  • Drain Surveying
  • Collapsed Drains
  • Drain Soakaways
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Drain Pipes Leaking
  • Drainage Maintenance
  • Repairing Blocked Downpipes

While most minor blockages can be solved with our drain unblocking service, persistent blockages and sewage backups may indicate a collapsed drain. With expertise, our highly trained team can investigate the damage and determine the exact location to fix the issue at its source.

Your drains may not be functioning correctly if you have:

  • Blockages and Sewage Backup
  • Subsidence and Structural Damage
  • Damp Patches and Mould
  • Rodent Infestations
  • Smelly Drains

Repairing Your Drain

As the leading drainage company in East Sussex, our drainage engineers help customers across Sussex and Kent fix their broken, damaged, and blocked drains. We will work to find the cause of your drainage issues conclusively, and we can then offer the best solution for effective, long-lasting repairs. Our drainage maintenance team is also experienced in tackling drainage issues, from obstructed drains to failing soakaways.

If you are searching for assurance that your drainage system is in fantastic working condition, we offer a multitude of drain pipe repairs and maintenance options and can even provide a drain descaling service. Drain descaling is a process that smoothens the internal surface of your drain pipe to reduce the likelihood of future blockages.

Drain Unblocking

Sussex Water & Drainage provides drain unblocking and drains cleaning services throughout Sussex and in surrounding areas. We have skilled drainage engineers to solve any issues you may have quickly and effectively using our professional techniques. We have vast experience covering all sorts of drainage, drain blockages, sewage pipework, and sewage systems.

What use tried & tested methods to unblock drains:

  • Drain rodding
  • Drain jetting
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain surveying
  • Repairing collapsed Drains

Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants

As Treatment Plant experts, we are always up to date on the latest governmental and environmental regulation compliance. Free of charge, we can come and visit you at your property and let you know exactly where you stand with complete confidence.

Replacing now non-compliant Septic tanks for new, regulation-compliant Treatment Plant sewage systems is what our dedicated team will provide you for as little cost as possible. We also offer sewage Holding tank replacement for those with damaged tanks or those looking to save money on emptying costs.

We have unrivaled lead times, and we’re usually in and out in around 3-4 days! On top of this, we offer an above-and-beyond finishing service free of charge. We’ll spend an entire day restoring your garden, landscaping, re-turfing and grass seeding all the areas we disturb. The same level of service cannot be found with any of our competitors, even though they charge you for it. To find out more about updating your sewage system, visit our Treatment Plant page.

Drainage Fields

What is a drainage field?
A drainage field is a looped section of slotted pipes (also known as perforated pipe) in the ground, surrounded in, and laid upon a bed of gravel. The aim of a drainage field is to allow wastewater to make it’s way through the gravel allowing bacteria to form on the gravel. This helps to remove contaminants from the water prior to it entering the ground surrounding the drainage field. Also, to give treated water (in the case of a treatment plant) a sufficient area to disperse evenly.

How large are drainage fields?
Drainage fields come in different sizes depending on the amount of usage it will see and what the ground type is. For example, if you have a lot of clay underground, your drainage field would be larger than someone who has a lot of sandstone even if you had the same usage. The best way to determine the size your drainage field should be is to calculate the amount of usage your system could have and then run percolation tests.

What is a percolation test?
A percolation test determines the rate of water absorption into the ground. The test measures how long it takes water to drain away from a saturated hole dug into the ground; the result determines both the suitability and permeability of the soil, and ensures that the ground has sufficient drainage capacity to handle the amount of water that will come from the drainage field intended to be installed.

Percolation tests

On paper, Percolation tests appear to be easy to test if you wish to have a drainage field for your sewage treatment plant. However, the test must be carried out with pinpoint accuracy to determine the porosity of your ground. Fortunately, at Sussex Water & Drainage, we have all the equipment and knowledge to ascertain Vp measurements accurately.

The percolation test involves excavating a 300mm square hole to a depth of 300mm below the proposed invert level of the discharge pipe. After carefully removing all loose debris, we will fill the void with water to the top of the 300mm mark and leave this to seep away overnight. We will then return and fill to the same point and closely observe its time from 75% capacity to 25% capacity. Using a calculation of how much water has dispersed in the given time with the depth lost, we can accurately read the average time in seconds (Vp) for the water to drop by 1mm.

Main sewer connections

Having a sewer connection is one of the essential plumbing connections for your home, and our team at Sussex Water & Drainage can provide the main sewer connection for your property. Regardless of whether you have just purchased a new home or if you have an existing external sewage system that needs connecting to the main sewer, our fully equipped drainage experts can make this change for you.

A mains sewer connection guarantees that all the sewage and wastewater from your property can be safely and effectively taken away from your home. At Sussex Water & Drainage, our friendly experts have extensive knowledge and unrivaled experience in various drainage maintenance, repair, and installation options.

Pump Chambers

Having drainage problems but have no location or fall to dispel rain or wastewater? Sussex Water & Drainage can solve all these issues by installing a simple pump and pump chamber. Our water and drainage engineers are trained to the highest level and are more than competent in calculating water flow and appropriate pump sizes.

We perform tests and assess your issues before designing a drainage system that will work for you. Pump chambers come in many shapes and sizes, and we even install custom-built pump chambers to customers’ specific requirements.

It is crucial when designing your drainage system to allow an adequate water catchment area and a pumping station that will work as required. It is also essential for the pump to deal with the required water quantity for any situation, which is why we believe in conducting thorough tests to ensure we provide the best drainage system for you.

After your drainage system has been expertly designed it’s time for us to begin the installation. This is where our skilled team gets to work, employing the highest quality practices to swiftly handle the problems and get your drainage flowing correctly.

Short on time? Sussex Water & Drainage guarantee quick lead times. Once work has been agreed upon, we always aim to start at your earliest convenience and efficiently complete your job in a timely fashion. We won’t make a mess. We are very competent and always take extra care to minimize any disturbance to your property, treating your garden as our own. We include a professional above-and-beyond finishing service including grass seeding absolutely FREE.

We like to consider every aspect of the job, including possible noise of the pump chamber in relation to your property. We ensure all systems are in-keeping with your requirement while having low running costs, low visual impact and reduced noise. Sussex Water & Drainage has (part-p certified) electricians on-hand to take care of any connections or electrical certification your pump system may require.

Sussex Water & Drainage has extensive experience with all drainage and water systems alike. Our specialists can handle any job and are more than happy to discuss any projects you may have.


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