Pond Construction

We install a wide range of ponds with various materials, shapes, and sizes. We can even build or expand lakes!
We offer you various services, including pond construction, pond maintenance, pond installation, bank rebuilding, and repair.

With all the machinery and experience to provide you with complete confidence, our work will impress. Landscaping, waterfalls, garden ponds, and lakes, there’s no such thing as a project we can’t handle.

We work with one of the UK’s leading aquatic centers, World of Water! The Hailsham branch recommends us to their customers as your local experts!

We cover a vast range of ponds including:

  • Plastic ponds
  • Fibreglass ponds
  • Plastic lined ponds
  • Clay lined ponds
  • Brick ponds
  • Haddonstone and other stone ponds
  • Custom pond builds built to your specific requirements

If your project requires extensive planning, plumbing, or electrics, do not worry! Sussex Water Drainage offer a conclusive pond building service that covers everything in an affordable and professional package from start to finish. This package includes complete design, planning, and construction services. We plan your pond to the finest detail and supply the appropriate equipment your pond will require. This equipment includes our recommended filtration equipment, enabling you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy, and thriving pond. We also have electricians on hand for any work requiring electrical certification or electrical connection.

We have a diverse, professional and experienced approach to all pond jobs, some of the pond and lake services we offer include:

  • Pond Design
  • Pond Repairs
  • Pond Relining
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Pond Removal
  • Fish Rehoming
  • Water Features
  • Fish Treatments
  • Pond Desludging
  • Pond Construction
  • Water Treatments
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Large Ponds & Lakes
  • Waterfall Construction & Many More Specialist Services

We Come Recommended

Sussex Water Drainage is proud to work alongside trusted companies such as World of Water. As their recommended company for all pond work, we enjoy making sure we leave each customer satisfied with the pond of their dreams.

Whether you’re planning a new pond or having problems with an existing pond, we are here to help. Sussex Water and Drainage offers free, no-obligation quotes on all work. We are happy to come and visit you and discuss your requirements while providing our free professional advice.

Please view more examples of our most recent pond-related work if you would like to view our latest work.