Sewage Treatment Plants

We offer experienced, peace of mind installation for any domestic or commercial sewage treatment plant. Our engineers guide you through the process while sharing their wealth of experience to ensure all of your property’s requirements are carefully considered.

Sewage treatment plants are the regulation-approved method when dealing with off-mains sewage treatment. Many properties still use septic tanks or even soakaways to discharge partially treated wastewater, which can be largely detrimental to the environment and may fail regulation requirements. For peace of mind, it is always best to check the sewage system of your property, and we will happily advise on septic tanks, holding tanks, soakaways, and any other type of sewage system you may have.

We believe in doing the best for our environment, which is why we work as efficiently as possible to restore Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks & Treatment Plants to the latest regulation standards as soon as possible.

*Typically 2 days for installation and 1 day FREE above and beyond finishing service.*

We use only the most reliable sewage treatment plants to replace septic tanks. These come with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee. Just a few of the benefits of using these BioPure systems over other manufacturers are:

  • No Mechanical Parts
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Cone-design means only emptying every 5 years
  • Low Power Pump means running costs are very cheap
Internal diagram of a BioPure sewage treatment plant system

We prefer to use BioPure Treatment Plants as there are a long list of benefits compared to other manufacturers, however, we are more than happy to discuss installing a different system such as KlargesterTricelHarlequin or Vortex.