Water Pipe Installation & Renewal

Water Supply

We install underground water pipes to houses, businesses and farms over any distance, from designing new systems to renewing old iron pipes with MDPE. There is no need to excavate across your garden or driveway, as we can bore underneath with Impact Moles. The cost of a new plastic water supply pipe will depend on several factors such as; the length of pipework and the diameter of the service pipe required to meet your requirements. Installation times can vary due to ground conditions and pipe length; however, in most cases, we aim to renew your water service pipe in one day, with the water supply being disconnected for just a few minutes. We have chain trenchers readily available for longer distances of water pipe installation to lay pipes neatly over longer distances.

Underground water pipes

Leaks along your water service pipe may become apparent in the form of a wet patch in your garden or poor internal pressure. Due to corrosion, insufficient internal pressure may also be caused by changes to the inner diameter in old lead or galvanised pipes.

Up until the 1970s, lead & galvanised service pipes were laid to domestic properties. By replacing these lead/galvanised pipes, you eliminate any undesirable lead content in your water supply.

Water Pipe Renewal

We have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience in water supply and replacing old lead/galvanised pipes with new plastic piping. The new pipe will be a blue plastic pipe made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE).

From minor domestic renewals to entire farm supplies, we have experience using all types of pipework and fittings.

A Water Pipe Renewal Benefits Your Property

If your water supply pipe is insufficient in diameter, causing reduced flow and low pressure to the property. We use specialist installation techniques and equipment, such as pneumatic moling and chain trenching, to minimise disruption where possible.

Before any excavations, a full utility survey and pipe trace are completed to determine the exact location of underground services and drainage.

Supply Pipe Repairs

In most cases, you are responsible for maintaining your water main past the stopcock of your water supplier. We repair leaks on all pipes and have the equipment on hand to deal with your leak quickly, with a professional fix.

All water supply pipe renewals comply with UK Water Regulations.

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Water mains stopcock